👋 Hi, I am Andre Jilderda,

Freelance front-end developer with a passion for design &JavaScript

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About my work

12+ years online experience as a developer & designer

Nowadays my primary focus is front-end development, but I have a background in design. My experience in both fields leads to better user experiences in less time.

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Front-end development

I have extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript (ES6), experience with the 3 most popular frameworks (React,Vue & Angular) and TypeScript. Add a lot of curiosity, creativity and a GTD-mentality and you have a pretty complete picture of me.

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Digital designer

I speak the designer mumbo-jumbo and dare to make design decisions while coding. This saves valuable development time, endless ping-ponging with designers and often looks even better than the original design. I also do not hesitate to work out something in Figma or Sketch myself.

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Curriculum Vitae

I’ve worked on more than 150 websites for great organizations

From international startups to large organizations such as the Dutch Railways and VodafoneZiggo.

  • Freelance senior front-end developer
  • CloudNatix, Silicon Valley (US) - Remote
  • August 2021 – July 2022
  • Tooling

    TypeScript, React, Testing Library/Jest, Cypress, Storybook, Styled Components, REST API's, Git

  • Work & reponsibilities
    • Developing a complex React application with a lot of interaction and state. Think of dashboards, filters, server settings, data visualizations and communicating with APIs,
    • Expanding the design system with new components and include them in Storybook,
    • Writing unit, integration and E2E tests,
    • Front-end lead for the development of several new features,
    • Within a team of 4 senior front-end developers.
  • Freelance lead front-end developer @ team Conversion rate optimization
  • NS / Dutch Railways, Utrecht (NL)
  • October 2019 – August 2021
  • Tooling

    JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, RxJS, Jest, REST API's, Alpine.js, HTML, CSS/Sass, eslint, Webpack + Babel, Handlebars, Relay42, Git, Bamboo, Azure, Figma

  • Work & reponsibilities
    • A/B-testing: develop new features and optimisations throughout the entire NS-website,
    • Developed a wizard that helps consumers and business users decide on what subscription best fit their needs (single page Angular 10 app),
    • JavaScript tooling and libraries to make it easier to setup and develop A/B-tests,
    • Develop, optimize and maintain new pagetemplates for subscriptions and business context,
    • How much extra conversion do you think this has led to? Multiply by 10. A lot, indeed. ;)
    • Interim-scrum master for a period of 2 months.
  • Freelance designer & front-end developer
  • VodafoneZiggo, Utrecht (NL)
  • Mei 2018 – oktober 2019
  • Tooling

    JavaScript, HTML, CSS/Sass, Adobe Experience Manager, Jenkins, Webpack, a little bit of Vue 2 + Jasmine + Cypress, Webpack + Babel, Git, Sketch, Figma, Photoshop

  • Work & reponsibilities
    • Migration of Vodafone’s Internet of Things-platform to a new content management system with a modern front-end stack,
    • Design and development of the new Vodafone Smarter Working-proposition,
    • Facilitating design system workshops for designers, developers & copywriters. Goal: to develop more consistent digital products in less time.
  • Senior visual designer, front-end development team‑lead & Scrum Master
  • Angi Studio, Den Haag (NL)
  • September 2012 – June 2018
  • Tooling

    JavaScript, jQuery, Handlebars, Fractal, Gulp, HTML, CSS/Sass, Figma, Sketch

  • Work & reponsibilities
    • As a senior visual design and/or front-end developer involved in large online projects for Greenchoice, Municipality of the Hague, Sanoma, NEN, Triodos Bank, Reed Business International, International Business Cards, et al..
    • As front-end development teamlead responsible for improving the multidisciplinary workflow and quality.
    • Setup reusable pattern libraries in Fractal,
    • Design & front-end development combined with scrum master role.
What I do
Front-end developer, designer & scrum master
TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS/Sass/BEM
React, Vue, Angular, Next.js
Build tools
Webpack, Babel and more
Experience with
Handlebars, Mustache, RxJS, Git and more

🔍These are just a few of the technologies I’ve worked with. Are you looking for specific skills? Don't hesitate to ask!

Six things you probably like to know from me

Unfortunately, I'm currently not available for another freelance assignment. But you can always get acquainted, who knows, maybe I can put you in touch with someone from my network.

My standard hourly rate is €95 per hour. But between €80 & €90 I'd be happy to talk to you. ;)

I am a real hands-on worker and I am constantly experimenting with new techniques and tools. So I'm used to making things my own quickly. Are you looking for very specific skills? Please contact me to see if I can help you with that!

A few years ago I exchanged the Randstad for green Arnhem in the Netherlands. Is Arnhem too far away from your organization? That shouldn't be a problem, since I'm used to working remotely.

Next.js (framework based on React) and Tailwind CSS. I made the first draft with Eleventy, but JSX is just so nice to work with (and React's ecosystem = 🔥).

As someone who has used OOCSS/BEM extensively I was first a bit sceptical towards Tailwind CSS. But after seeing this video I took the plunge. True, it makes for some pretty ugly HTML (also the author of Tailwind admits), but hey, it's sucha time-saver! Because you can 'compose' classnames you do not have to switch between your markup and styles, you do not have to make concessions in terms of design and your CSS file is a lot smaller. 👌

I would really like to tell you that I do deep sea diving and tame manatees, but that's a lie. When I'm not behind my laptop, I prefer to be outdoors. Here in Arnhem you have beautiful trails where you can run, walk and cycle. I also read a lot and like to go out to eat. #govegan

But I still like do stuff on my laptop, even when I'm off work. Then I enjoy working on my side projects (think of tools, plugins and web apps based on JavaScript/Node.js).

Are you looking for a top-shelf front-end developer and designer? Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, are interested in working together or just want to have a chat.

Andre Jilderda
Andre JilderdaFreelance front-end developer

Registered at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce Chamber under number 70613419.